10 reasons to automate your outbound invoicing process with ROUTTY

We understand that not all your business partners are enabled for electronic invoicing…

We are aware of how painful software implementations might be…

We know… you’re tired of handling papers!

That’s why we want to give you 10 clear reasons to join the e-invoicing world with ROUTTY:

  1. You will be able to tailor the solution to your business needs. You pick the modules and implementation model : On-premise or (Public/Private) Cloud.
  2. You can centralize the sending of ALL your invoices, even when some of your customers still work with paper.
  3. You can onboard customers to an electronic format without impacting the current flow, all by yourself.
  4. You have the potential to reach ANY business partner, regardless the company size or industry, through THEIR preferred channel. 
  5. You have the opportunity to do business with private (B2B) or public (B2G) sector, through the PEPPOL network.
  6. No human intervention is needed for the preparation and sending of documents, unless your process requires it.
  7. Invoices are delivered in the format, language and channel your customers prefer.
  8. You only pay for what you use: active modules and/or channels.
  9. You can incorporate other related documents (e.g: payment reminders) and handle them the way you prefer.
  10. You can do more than just sending. E.g: approval, add certificates, electronic signing.

Oh! And one more thing…

If you’re happy with your e-Invoicing flow … You can add other document flows to make ROUTTY your e-Delivery platform!

Do you want to know how? Contact us directly: info@routty.be

We will provide you the best ROUTTY solution for your business.