3 Tips to (smoothly) onboard your business partners to an electronic document exchange

Despite the rapid growth of the digital economy, many organizations are struggling to automate their financial processes. One of the reasons is the (still) paper-based document exchange with some business partners.

The process of moving your partners to an electronic format can be long and exhausting. Rather than improving your partnership, it might affect the trust and relationship with them.

To turn this transition into a smooth-journey, we provide you 3 simple tips that will encourage your trading partners to join the electronic transaction era!

Focus on the Big Wins

Analyze your transactions and target your onboarding strategy on those partners with the highest volume per month. With reasonable effort, you will increase your results exponentially.

Offer intermediate steps

Provide your partners the possibility of a gradual transition. If they cannot deliver their documents in an electronic format (eg: XML, EDI) in the short term, offer them the alternative of PDF first. This will have a lower impact on their processes and from your side, it will increase efficiency and reduce costs immediately.   

Provide more than one option

Expand your menu with different choices. Provide your partners more than one communication channel and more than one format. Let them choose the way they want to be served 😉 . They will feel comfortable and under control during the entire transition period.

We know it’s difficult to offer different options.

With ROUTTY, your organization can provide a Multi-channel, Multi-format and full-service exchange of documents to your Business Partners. They cannot reject your offer!

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