Improve your Customer Service with an e-Invoicing platform

How is that possible!? Well, through an e-Invoicing platform you provide to your customers:


Your team is able to trace all invoices during every step of the process, regardless their status:  Pending to send, successfully sent, document in error, … An audit trail is accessible to authorized users of the platform at any time.

Your customers have an overview of their outstanding invoices through a Customer Portal. This will help them to perform a cash management monitoring at regular basis.


With the information available at any time, your response time to inquiries and your first-time-right answers improve significantly.

Improved communication

The cooperation between departments becomes much better. By combining different activities and documents in the same platform, all information is centralized improving the interaction within your teams.

With ROUTTY, you can unify your financial departments and centralize your business transactions in one single platform. You are able to exchange ANY document (invoices, credit notes, orders, reminders, contracts, etc), through the same solution.

Make them happyGive your Customers the service they want!

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