ROUTTY… More than e-Invoicing

Until 2015, Routty was a platform for the electronic exchange of invoices. Its original purpose was to cover our customers’ needs of processing supplier invoices received on paper or via e-mail.

By the initiative of the Government of Flanders, the exchange of e-Invoices was encouraged providing Mercurius as central hub. In the short term, the Belgian Government chose PEPPOL as their central platform for the e-delivery of procurement documents.

PEPPOL network increased the electronic traffic of business transactions in the public sector and the members of the network started to use the platform for the exchange of invoices in the B2B sector, avoiding the painful transaction fees.

Along the way, our platform expanded the scope for both inbound and outbound document flows and more functionalities were added to the sole “sending” of documents. The name “e-Invoicing” fell too short and the brand ROUTTY was born!

e-Invoicing Platform is for the past… now, with ROUTTY you can:

Provide Customer self-service capabilities

Your business partners have the flexibility to choose the format and channel of their preference. They decide on the option that fits their business needs. Their company size is no longer a restriction to provide them the service they want.

Combine Activities

You are no longer limited to single actions on single documents (= to deliver an invoice). You can include attachments automatically, request credit notes, match PO’s, approve, archive, add digital signatures, you name it… there’s no limit!

Centralize your business

You can unify your financial departments and centralize ALL your business documents in ONE single platform. The exchange of AP, AR, HR, Legal, … documents (like invoices, credit notes, orders, reminders, contracts, etc), is possible via the same source!

Do not complicate your business. Keep it simple with ROUTTY! 😉

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